Tim Timmons

Tim Timmons’ life has always been one of adventure, but for the first time, the singer/songwriter feels awake enough to actually live it. After nearly two decades of ministry and a lifetime as a believer, Timmons is no stranger to the tenets of the Christian faith. Now he finds himself moving beyond believer to follower, awake and alive to the nearness of Jesus. His sophomore album, Awake Our Souls (Reunion Records), is a portrait of Timmons’ own awakening and an invitation for every listener to discover the abundant life beyond belief.


Since his 2013 debut, Cast My Cares, Timmons has been writing songs stemming from personal experience and sharing them with audiences on a national platform—after spending the previous 15 years leading worship in Orange County, California. Now, his music is colored by a newfound purpose of living each day to its fullest—all to the glory of God. On Awake Our Souls, he delivers ten cuts recounting all that’s available to people as children of God to help them navigate their own narratives.


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