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Music has always been part of my life. At a young age I remember my family routinely having large family get-togethers with music being a prominent part of it. I had this beat up baritone ukulele that did not work. I pestered my dad until I got a legitimate guitar at age 7. From that point I was addicted. When I was about 10 I started experimenting with amplifiers around the house and hooking them up to the home theatre system and finding out what would happen. Soon I discovered the remarkable tone you can achieve from stereo amplification. Once I got to college one of my brothers passed away due to Muscular Dystrophy. It was devastating and made my dad seriously think about life. With a little push from our family he decided to open a music store (Chesnut Family Music). I helped start this business while attending college and soon worked there full time. I got a business degree and began putting it to use. We started to realize there was a lack of repair technicians in our town; so I was sent back to get schooling and training on amplifier repair. At school we built a tube amplifier. My first amplifier build was a Tweed Twin style.


I fell in love with the idea of building amps. When I got home I sold my amplifiers and started learning more on my own. It grew from there. I started out just building amplifiers and putting them on our store sales floor. I became fascinated with what can be done with an amplifier and what changes tone. I decided to take this seriously after getting an order of 5 amplifiers for a church and some of their band members. It was time for a business name. J. Chester is named after my brother. His name was Justin Chesnut and was called Chester all through college. It felt like a great way to keep his love of music going.


With years of just experimenting we started building isolation cabinets for people who wanted “true tube tone” at church. We have even ventured into ways to bring music to people who are Deaf with the Lita-Vibe. After building a wide variety of amplifier styles I finally settled on what I wanted J. Chester Amplification to be. It was time to really launch the business and get my amplifiers in to professional touring musicians. We have had our amplifiers on tour in Europe, all across the United States with contemporary Christian music bands. In recording sessions in Nashville by Grammy Award winning players.  We build our amplifiers with tone our number one priority. They all have a full and rich tone each personalized to the customer’s desired tone. These amplifiers are then placed in top quality birch finger jointed cabinets. Esthetics is a must! Every cabinet is wrapped to specs of the customer. Our hardware and components are built to last. There are no corners cut in our build process. I want our amplifiers to sound top quality, look top quality, and last top quality! We take all the proper steps to make all these things happen so our customers have an amplifier to last a lifetime.

J. Chester Amplification

Loving this amp at Danny Gokey show! J. Chester Amplification has awesome tone!

Josh Lutz
J. Chester Amplification

You make some freaking awesome amps.

Josh Lutz
J. Chester Amplification
J. Chester Amplification

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